10 Things: The First Month

We have had Kinley now for 1 month! Which seems crazy, time is going by so fast! However, some days seem to be the longest I have ever had. Funny how that works! We have learned plenty since first bringing Kinley home four weeks ago!

Here is a list of the top 10 things we have learned in the first month:

  1. Socks are never, ever safe
    • Kinley is a notorious sock stealer. I swear I could have them all in drawers and tucked away but NOPE, she was able to find one. There is never a day in our household that I don’t pick up at least 4 different socks. She loves to bring things to her bed–usually socks, but she doesn’t discriminate either, she will grab shoes, water bottles, or anything else she can fit in her mouth
  2. When we think you have finally wore her out, GUESS AGAIN!
    • People are not lying when they say that puppies have a LOT of energy. Kinley is no exception. After having her outside for hours, or going on long walks you think she would be a sleep for days. No. 2 hours max, if we are lucky. She is active, which keeps us active; so I shouldn’t complain to much, right?
  3. Puppies & Kitties can be BFFs
    Snuggles with Tuck
    Playtime with Coop
    • Kinley and our other fur child, Cooper have become the best of friends. Cooper is 11 months old and loves to play, and he finally has found a playmate who has the same mindset. They constantly play outside, running around & play fighting. The play usually ends when Coop climbs a tree and Kinley realizes that she doesn’t have that superpower. She loves her other fur brother too, Tuck, he is her cuddle buddy.
  4. Why didn’t we just let her up on the couch?
    • Chris and I had both made the decision that we didnt want to allow Kinley up on our brand new couch (seriously we got it 2 weeks before she arrived). Turns out to be harder than it sounds. Puppy dog eyes are real people, and Kinley knows how to work them.
  5. Walk; 2 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of sitting pretty
    • Kinley and I have now “mastered” the art of walking. However the beginning consisted of walking for two seconds, and then her deciding it was a great place to sit & rest (the irony right? rests while on the walk, wild at home). Thefullsizeoutput_85e first couple of walks ended with slowly, pulling Kinley home, or with her in my arms. Thank god she has discovered how fun they can be, because at 25lbs it isn’t so easy to carry our girl home.
  6. Treats = Power
    • If you want a puppy to do something, put a treat in front of her. Kinley has learned how to “sit”, “come”, “down”, “give”, “paw”, and “go to her crate” all thanks to our friends, the treat. Her current favourites are “My mighty wolf: duck flavour”. She will honestly do anything for them, which makes it extremely helpful with training the little nugget.
  7. Kongs are a pups & moms best friend
    • Kinley’s kong has been a saving grace. It helps with the teething, and chewing but also gives mom some time to get stuff accomplished. Like this blog post right now.
  8. Mud is a golden girls best friend. Baths are a moms.
    • Mud is honestly Kinley’s favourite thing in this IMG_3454 orld. Our backyard is currently one giant mud hole due to the mild weather we have been having. She loves digging, and thinks that her dad & I would love for her to dig us to China. There isn’t a day that she doesn’t come in without a muddy face or dirty paws.
  9. Puppies and alligators aren’t so different 
    • Kinley “choppers” Dodson. The nickname her aunt gave her should give it away. It’s like a constantly game of hungry, hungry hippos over here with her mouth trying to grab as much as she can. Kinley is currently teething & chopping down on your hand is her main priority.
  10. How did we survivor without her?
    • I may have complained a little, but honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way. She is silly, hyper, active and the best pal a girl could have. I don’t know what we did without her?!

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