Pupbox vs. Barkbox

Kinley has been the lucky receiver of both the Pupbox and the Barkbox (spoiled, I know) They are a monthly subscription box filled with toys, treats and other goodies. ย Kinley has now received three months worth of each box, and we wanted to give you the low down!


First Pupbox!!


  • Takes into consideration your puppies age, breed and size when deciding what to include in your box
  • Contains multiple toys that are targeted towards your puppy.
    • Kongs, balls, ropes, and stimulation toys have all been in Kinley’s box!
  • Contains yummy treats, bully sticks (Kinley’s favourite), bones, chews and other things that help with your pups teeth, as well as help stimulate them
  • They send you training tools and other doggy tools
    • We have received a treat pooch, and a portable water bottle for quick drinks during walks!
  • Each month you receive a newsletter with tips and training tools specific to the age of your pup
  • Allow you to re-order your puppies favourite things from their previous box and
    add it to their next month box! (Kinley is obsessed with their curly bully sticks, so they have become a stable in her box)
Stealing her bully stick that we have re-ordered!!


  • Having to pay extra for international shipping as Kinley and I are Canadian girls




First Barkbox!!


  • The boxes all have themes!
    • we have had a university theme, a painters theme, and a arrggh pirate theme!
  • Unique and interesting toys — that all have a multiple usage such as tug, chewing, and squeakers!
  • Yummy treats, that are different and also part of the monthly theme
  • They always have some way for you to interact with the company, by giving you a question, or riddles, or a task to post on social media!
  • Pretty packaging!! (Kinley doesn’t care much about that though.. haha)


  • Not directly correlated with the age of your puppy, and what stages they are going through
Enjoying my beer from my University Themed Barkbox!

Kinley and I LOVE both of our monthly prescription and would encourage you and your puppy to look into both of them! They are awesome monthly rewards for your puppy, and I haven’t had to buy Kinley treats or toys since she has arrived!! Let us know if you have had either or both, and what ones your favourite is!!